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Empowering Future Professionals


Welcome to the Risk Management Association (RMA) Mentorship Program!

Our program pairs aspiring risk managers with experienced mentors for personalized guidance, industry insights, and valuable networking opportunities. From recent graduates to seasoned professionals, we cater to individuals at every career stage, offering diverse perspectives and expertise across various sectors.

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Learn Outside the Classroom

Benefits of Mentorship:

  • Attract talent and build community

Mentor Benefits:

  • Expand network with mentees

  • Broaden perspective and gain exposure to new ideas

Mentee Benefite:

  • Develop professional network

  • Build technical/soft skills and accelerate your career!

Who Are We
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40% of past mentoring participants received a promotion within 12 months of the program

30% of past mentoring participants had increased responsibilities and/or changed roles within 12 months of the program

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Risk Management Association Mentorship

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