Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Meet The Team

Kevin Nye

HR Lead

Kevin Nye

HR Lead

Kevin Nye

Meet The Team

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Stella Cabrera

Principal and Founder at C Global


Alyson Bailey

Board Director

SVP GRM Data, Analytics & Technology
at Scotiabank

Graham Davies

Board Director
VP Enterprise Risk - TD

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Saranya Yogarajah

Board Director

Senior Business Process

Consultant at TD

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Bruce Choy

Vice President
Managing Director, Research - Global
Risk Institute

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Ali Najafi

Board Director
Global Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Marcela Aranda-Arroyo

Student Liaison
Associate Vice President, Capital
Markets Risk Management - TD

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Mark Deschert

Board Director
Senior Manager, Business Credit Risk Management - Meridian Credit Union

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Sonia De Lorenzi

Board Director

Senior Manager Special

Loans - National

Marlene Lenarduzzi

Board Director

Head of Counterparty

Credit - BMO

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Christopher Savo

Associate at BLG

board 9.png

Hunter Sexton

Board Director

Associate Director Group

Risk Management at RBC


Anne-Marie Bourgeois

Board Director

Director of Global Third Party Risk
at Scotiabank

Evan Mamas

Board Director

Director, Global Risk Management - Operational Risk at Scotiabank